‘Little Store’ Deli Grocery

Everything you need to complete your meal or to provision your boat!

Out of the kitchen

Our selection of home-made prepared foods might include:

  • cold cuts from the Butcher Shop: hams, pâtés, terrines, sausages
  • pies, quiches
  • home-canned meals, sauces and soups: boeuf Bourguignon, pork stew, Napolitan sauce, meat & tomato sauce, peas soup…

Little Store - Deli

Selected wines and beverages

  • white wines
    Italian, French, Chilean
  • red wines
    Italian, French, Chilean
  • beers – sodas – bottled water
  • ice bags

'Little Store' - wines

Some of our bakery goods:

  • fresh bread is available every day at 11 am: baguettes, loaves
  • pastries: baklava, sugar pie…

Little Store - Breads

Fresh fruits and vegetables

We stock a variety of local produce items including tomatoes, onions, bananas, watercress, lettuce, garlic, potatoes, and more depending of the season.

A sampling of our grocery items

  • dairy products: butter, fresh eggs
  • rice, pasta, flours, sugar, cans, soap, toilet paper…

'Little Store'

Little Store’s hours: See here Location: See here
Deliveries are available.

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